A week in DC

How is it possible that time stands still in Haiti-yet flew right past me for the one week I had with my sister and her family? The only thing I can compare it to is when you work a long 10-12 hour day, and it drags by… until you finally get your break and somehow that is the fasted hour of the whole day! Well, I was still so thankful to go out to DC and visit them. My sister and her husband Ryan just had a baby girl. She is so beautiful. It was such a wonderful week, holding and knoodleing her, playing with her two adorable boys as well, enjoying good conversations with Ryan, and getting in as much sister time as possible. We went to the pool, played games, rode bikes, saw Toy Story 3, ate delicious food, hung out, did some shopping….what a wonderful week! It sure is going to be hard to leave .

Isn't she SO cute! I have to admit, I loved taking her all around the house and finding fun thing for her to fit into.. this one was my favorite!
Pretty much sums up what I did all week....
A fun outing to Dairy Queen
We even got a girls night in-and my mom was in town visiting my sister too! It was such a treat to see my mom and sister!
My sister's oldest. We are love bugs. We both had a good cry when I left. (Yes, I am trying to instill some cowboy in him at a young age with the boots I got him!)

2 thoughts on “A week in DC

  1. Congrats sister!
    I’m so glad you got to meet your new niece .. and had some good sister time too.

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