Still trying to get to Haiti…

A few hours have passed and I thought my next post would be written from port de paix. But, as it turns out, my flight leaving from Miami to Port au Prince was supposed to leave at 1230pm. That got delayed and delayed, until we finally boarded the plane at 430pm. I sat next to a sweet girl my age, and we got to chatting. Turns out she loves the Lord, and will be servng in PAP for a few months. When she proceeded to share an awesome verse with me, I knew God had arranged our meeting. But before we could get to know each other more, the mechanic found something wrong, and we all had to get off. At this point, my earlier fear of flying into Port au Prince by myself at night were staring become a reality.  But, it just so happened the girl I met, Christina, was traveling alone too. From that moment on, we became a traveling pair. We marched up to the counter together asking for a hotel and flight out the net morning, since we both agreed it was not wise for us to arrive alone , at night,  in Haiti. We got a hotel room together!! We got vouchers for dinner and breakfast, and headed off to our hotel. We stayed at a Double Tree and it was so nice-so we were able to get a good nights sleep and try it all over again in the morning.

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