37 hours later….

Total time trying to get from DC to Port de Paix: 37 hours. I left the 28th at 4am and finally arrived the 29th at 5pm. I am beat. I packed frozen food hoping to get a few treats here that we can’t have at home-like hamburger meat, strawberries, blueberries, and cheese. It was doing okay, even after putting it all on ice at the hotel in Miami, until it didn’t make the small plane ride from Port au Prince to Port de Paix. I cried. I held it together through it all (even spilling blueberry juice on me and all my bags since it leaked from the cooler cause it defrosted so bad, the multiple delays, loosing the food I wanted so bad to have here, and the money lost buying it) but what really did me in was knowing we have to turn around tomorrow to try and get back home.

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