We are coming home.

So, it is with mixed emotions as we announce we are headed home..

The hard part: We still don’t have a working generator to run the kitchen. The kitchen is up and looking great, but we have no power to cook the food!! We are waiting in hopes to get a used one fixed and moved from St. Louis to Port de Paix. We are also pry going to buy one in the states and ship it to Haiti-which means it will take at least 6 weeks to get to us in Haiti.

The good part:  That means we are coming home now! We decided it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to sit around and wait for the generator, and then once it gets here (maybe sometime in late July or August) then leave for a month to take a break. (Since our original plan was to come home Aug 12)  So, we have tickets to come home July 1st, and we have not purchased return tickets yet. We could be home as short as two week, but possibly as long as a month….

We continue to wait upon the Lord. This is not ideal timing to us -We are anxious and excited to get the kitchen up and feeding people. But, He continues to remind us to wait upon Him. His timing is perfect, His ways are not always knows to us. So, once again, we learn to relinquish control. He is good, and He will bring this kitchen together when He wants to. He is faithful, he always has been and He always will be. He will bring this kitchen together -as we have seen already.

4 thoughts on “We are coming home.

  1. Dear Jessica and Brandon,
    You are in our prayers and I will be praying for a safe and on time journey for you. We would love to meet up with you if possible. You are so dear to us.
    Congrats auntie Jessica, I had not heard that she was born her name is Kate! I love that name, what is the rest?
    You are in His grip.
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Jessica, it was so nice meeeting you on the plane and spending time with you. God is so good! I will probably now be going to St. Marc. But you should try to let me know when you get back. Maybe we could visit one another? Have a wonderful time back in the states!

  3. We would love to get together with you guys while you are here. Thank you for blogging your heart with us- we are grateful for all that you have done over there. God has definitely taken you on one crazy adventure!

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