Yes, we are alive.

We are still alive. You might have wondered, since we have gone off the radar for the last five weeks.  This has been both intentional, and unintentional.  We have been home, in San Diego, for the last five weeks. The plan was to rest, relax, and regroup.  Check. Visit with family and friends. Check. Get some alone time. Check. Fundraise. Partial Check. Work with OTB in getting logistics figured out. Mostly check.

How about a quick update on the kitchen? Looks like we are going to be able to pull a used generator from a nwhcm campus in St. Louis du Nord.  This will pry take a few weeks since it’s massive and we need to find a way to safely get it to Port de Paix (a mere 8 mile, 45 minute, pot hole ridden, bumpy ride).  Our goal: to make this kitchen work. God has shown us that it will be nothing shy of a miracle to start cooking some food… and we are going to do all we can to help facilitate that.

And so we leave.. in just four short days…..

2 thoughts on “Yes, we are alive.

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to hear stories about your chosen fleld of service. Grandma and I are encouraged by your dedication and commitment, and pray for you daily.
    Remember this: The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.
    We only see “thru a smoked glass”, but some day we shall see with the eyes of Jesus. Then and only then will you realize the impact you two have had on the lives of his people in Haiti.
    Our love and prayers.

  2. Grandpa you are so right on! I love that He will never take us where the grace of God will not protect us. Thank you, as always, for the encouragement!

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