Road trip!!

A deep breath. If I were to sum up the ten days we had up North, that would describe it. We were able to drive up the coast all the way to Washington. That whole trip was like the huge, long, inhale you take when you first step outside on a warm, quiet, lazy morning. It was almost two weeks of .. well… deliberate nothingness. We needed some quiet time, alone time, together time-time away from Haiti, work, business, and people. (No offense, we love you all!!)  We started in San Diego and took the 1 and 101 all the way up the coast, camping along the way. Places we stopped included Big Sur, Redwoods, Oregon’s rugged coast, Washington, Seattle, Alki (where my sweet friend Nikki lives, and works for World Vision) Oregon national forests, and back down. It was good for the soul. Good for the marriage.  Good for alone time with God. Good all around. Oh, and I think I became a tree hugger overnight! Yup… I am in love with those massive trees. I think one particular moment solidified the fact that I could become one of those wacko’s who ties themselves to tree’s… We were in the car driving through yet another forest when we came to a clearing of freshly killed trees. It was then that a logger trucker flew past us-mind you were were going 55mph already-and started swerving probably cause we was going too fast. I turned to Brandon and said, “ I hope he dies, that’s what he gets for chopping trees down!” You should have seen his face! After we got over my shocking comment we couldn’t help but start cracking up…and yet, Brandon looked at me from the corner of his eye, I think slightly worried for the safety of not trees, but loggers.

Big Sur

Where I first realized I could be a tree hugger...

Raise your hand if you wanna move here!!
One of the best parts of camping.. S'mores!!!
We went hiking in the forest..and saw Bambi too!
The best place to find fresh salmon..smoked was my favorite
Pike's Place Market
Seattle coastline in the background.. can you see the space needle??
Our campsite. Right on the Rouge River

Doesn't this look fake??
I was so pumped to do this.. my first time rafting ever
Crater Lake PS The mosquitoes are the size of humming birds right after the snow melts.

3 thoughts on “Road trip!!

  1. Part of the cycle of life, includes time to relax and refresh ones mind and soul. You both needed the time together without any other concerns to bombard your minds.
    Our Master slipped away frequently, and found solitued to be a very refreshing diversion.
    Remember the old addage, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.
    Love ya both.

  2. Wow, what a great trip. I’m glad you guys took the time and had the chance to do that. I love the Pacific northwest. We’ll be praying that that darn generator will finally make it to your kitchen!

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