Our last night in town…

What is the most American thing to do??

“Take me out to the ball game.. take me out to the crowd….”

It was a delayed birthday celebration for my brother’s birthday, and what a perfect last night home.  I have to admit, as cheesy as it sounds, I did shed a few tears when we sang the national anthem. Living in another country has made me appreciate so many things I have taken advantage of. I am thankful for this beautiful country we live in. Each country has it’s own individual problems, and our problems are very different problems than Haiti’s-but I have come to appreciate that land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Go Padres!!

3 thoughts on “Our last night in town…

  1. You all look so happy and filled with LOVE!!! BTW – Who’s that hot babe on the left??? (Haha)…I will continue to pray and send white light and happy thoughts your way as you so bravely go through your journey!!

  2. Sweet Sister!

    I am so glad you are back safe and sound and to a clean house! I am also jealous of this last night together- what a great way to spend an evening! Who knew you and Bran could enjoy a sporting event so much!

    Love you!

  3. What sister? We love baseball! It’s our favorite! Just because we don’t do fantasy football doesn’t mean we don’t like sports! 🙂

    Molly-She does look pretty good huh??!! It was such a fun night together.

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