We’re back in Port de Paix

Thankfully, we have a pretty uneventful trip back to report. God was gracious in getting us here quickly and safely.  We returned home to a campus that had been painted, cleaned more, and still had construction going on. Our interpreter, Edril, ran things wonderfully while we were gone. He had someone clean both our house and the kitchen. Since they both have a whole sections that are “outdoor”, dust (okay, more like soot from the neighbors who burn trash right next to us) and it gathers rather quickly. It was so wonderful to come home to a clean place! We are unpacking and getting readjusted to the heat. I didn’t think it could get much hotter than July-but I stand to be corrected! Yikes. As long as I can resign myself to the fact that it’s normal to have sweat dripping down me all day long, I do pretty well. Also, we do have running water, and unlike the majority of my neighbors, I get to take a shower at night in my house. I’m not sure whether to feel guilty about this or enjoy it. For now, my heart is just very thankful.

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