Cheers to Feed My Starving Children

Just the other day, it occurred to us that we still had not tried the packaged food that we will be cooking!  We had been meaning to for a while now. So, I went down to the OTB storage depot below us and grabbed a bag. I brought it up, cooked it up, and we sat down. We both looked at each other. It smelled pretty good. Could it really taste good too? We had the first bite and we quite surprised at how good it was! It wasn’t bland at all, in fact, it has a great flavor to it. The best part?  It is packed with soy protein, vitamins, and minerals. Cheers to you, Feed My Starving Children, for creating an amazing product!
Surprisingly very tasty!!

7 thoughts on “Cheers to Feed My Starving Children

  1. Jessica and Brandon-

    I am praying for you guys, for Haiti and for Outside the Bowl. I am so happy that you are keeping a blog and it is so great to keep up with what you guys are doing. It seems that you guys were the exact right people to take on the job that you have. God has amazing timing and perfect insight that we do not fully understand until He has let it all play out. God bless you guys 🙂

    Kristin Yorman

  2. So glad you guys made it back safely…we miss you already though! So what exactly is in that food? I was picturing more of a soup, but that picture looks sort of like an oatmeal?

  3. It’s a rice based meal. It has pieces of veggies in it too. I was thinking soupish too, but it can vary depending how much water you put in it. Feed my starving children also makes a meal specifically designed for those suffering from severe diarrhea. It’s more potato based so it stops them up, and then allows their body to actually use the food and nutrients. And that consistency can change dramatically depending how much water you use.

  4. Brandon,

    It looks like it has come quite a long way since our day in PaP in May. Sounds like things are going well and that you are getting close to being up and running. Speaking of FMSC our church led a community wide effort and packed about 1.7 million meals in 24 hours May 21-22. Any chance any of that ended up down there? Looking forward to seeing you guys in Feb when the i team comes back.

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