Meet Rose. She’s a Haitian woman, married, with seven kids. God has blessed them with the ability to take care of their seven children-including the ability to send them to school, and even two are in college. She doesn’t just use the money God has blessed her with to help her own family, she seeks to find those who need help. And she has found them right in her own neighborhood. Rose feeds about twenty kids ranging from young kids to young adults. She usually feeds them once a day. Once she started doing this, she discovered that several of the younger children didn’t have parents to take care of them. No wonder they were coming to her looking for a meal to eat. So what did Rose do?  Nothing short of what Jesus would do.. she took them in. She converted an extra room they had next to a small shop they own, and made a place for them to sleep. Them. Now there are seven children that usually sleep there at night, because they don’t have anywhere else to go. She can’t just feed them once a day, knowing they pry won’t get food from anywhere else. So, she tries to feed these children three meals a day.  We met Rose through some new friends we’ve made, who teach English right across the street from us. (What a huge blessing they are!!) They introduced us to Rose, and the whole family. As we sat in their home listening to what they are doing, I couldn’t help but cry. Tears flowed as I tried to explain to her in Creole how much I love to hear her heart and all what she is doing for those kids. She started cry too, and told me “how can I not help when I see how much they need it”. What a heart of gold. We hope that OTB can help.  OTB can offer her the opportunity to feed more kids.  And since she just so happens to love the Lord, she can not only tell them about His love for them, but continue to show them how much He loves them by her actions.

3 thoughts on “Rose.

  1. God will continue to bless you guys and Rose!!!
    Sorry we missed you in S.Cal.
    We love you and will continue to pray for you!

  2. Thank God for Rose … if she can reach out to her own, while living in poverty herself, what more should we do to help Brandon and Jessica reach all of the Roses in Haiti. What would Jesus do, what should we do?

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