Port au Prince

Port au Prince.

We visited last week. The goal of our trip was two fold. One, we planned to pick up the generator. That’s right!!! It’s been paid for, the wire transfer complete, and simply waiting for us to pick up. This generator is plan G, as it’s one OTB bought in PAP.  This was purchased using funds from the rotary club, in addition to donors who gave as well. (The other generator that nwhcm bought for the entire campus (including a school and housing for teams) won’t make it’s way to us until Christmas time.) Hence why we are on plan G with this new generator. When we arrived in Port au Prince, we learned that the huge army truck that was needed to haul this thing all the way to port de paix was not ready!! We were told it had “cleared customs” and was ready to go. Well, it did clear customs, but still did not have the necessary paperwork to legally drive. And so, we wait. We were told it would be ready by the 30th, then that turned into the 1st, then that turned into the 4th. This is Haiti afterall, and we don’t believe things until we see them with our own eyes!!

The second reason we went down there was to check out a potential partner organization. OTB is deciding if the Lord wants another kitchen in Haiti. And, since this is Haiti, it takes a long time to do anything. So, we are simply meeting with other NGO’s in Haiti-all over Haiti-and seeing if there is a possibility of partnership. We very much want to wait until the pdp kitchen is up and running before we move forward with another kitchen in Haiti. In the meantime, we will start some very preliminary conversations.

We were so thankful for the opportunity to see more of Haiti. God provided safety as we traveled, and we praise Him for it. Port of Prince is a big city-much bigger than Port de Paix-and that city is a lot to take in. Please continue to keep the hundreds of thousands of people in prayer there. They are living in difficult and uncomfortable situations because they have no where else to go. They are moving on with life, trying to make the most of what might seem like an impossible situation. You can see shops set up all along the streets, in front of piles of rubble. Vendors are walking around selling anything and everything. People are hopeful and trying to move on.

Tent cities are everywhere in PAP
And yet, life goes on. Amidst piles of rubble on almost every street, people are still selling, buying, living.
These are my favorite. We don't have these sweet beasts in pdp.. I'm so jealous.
The palace.
Sanitation was already an issue before the quake, and now trash seems to accumulate all too quickly in too many places.
Sugarcane. It's in abundance here!
It is heartbreaking to see this sight down so many streets in PAP. And yet, life goes on right in the middle of it. Haitians are tough and resilient.

3 thoughts on “Port au Prince

  1. Dear God,
    Please soften the hearts of the greedy leaders of Haiti. Prompt them to release the vehicle Brandon and Jessica need NOW !!!
    Cover Brandon and Jessica with your love and protection, keep their spirts up, and reward their efforts in a tangible way.
    They need your help … give it today we pray.

  2. Grandpa,

    Your words touch my heart. The day you wrote this was the day God provided some amazing miracles to bring us the generator. Your heartfelt prayers were answered.. and we have an exciting update to share about it…..

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