Things that make me go hmmm….

1.I go do laundry and I wonder how much soap I should use. The box says ‘one scoop for soft water, two for hard or very hard water.” So, how many scoops for ‘ultra hard slightly crusted over city water I am using? It has a plethora of bad bacteria in it. Maybe 3 scoops.. or how about 20?

Yes, I have a washing machine! What a huge blessing! And since we have very little water pressure, instead of waiting about 2hrs for the washing machine to fill up, my handy dandy hubby added a pipe that quickly dumps water right into the machine!!

2. Brandon killed a centipede right inside our house last week. I like to think that our place is pretty secure-with lots of mire mesh, screen, door sweeps.. and yet we killed another one just outside our house yesterday. For those who don’t know.. those small suckers are poisonous.  I wonder what else is lurking in here waiting to be discovered…

Creepy thing huh? Faster than you would think too!

3. Yes, I am learning the language. But, I sometimes no matter how hard I try, I can’t get what I need. That is why, for a small window, I have a gigantic curtain. Yes, I did try twice to get a smaller one. But, the woman getting them for me still didn’t understand me-that or they didn’t have any smaller ones. And someone once told me that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing expecting a different result.

Where is grandma when you need her???

4. There are lots of bugs here. It’s just a way of life. They come in all shapes and sizes too. I used to hate the big ones, until I realized that the little ones are far worse. They are hard to see and hide more easily. Such was how I found the most recent friends. I opened a container of pancake mix and started to mix it with water. Then I remembered in this new way of life I have to always to check for bugs.. so I did. Much to my dismay, I noticed the whole thing crawling. A friend here in Haiti told me that if I were to throw out all the food that has bugs-I won’t have any food left to eat! And so, I stand alone in the kitchen debating with myself. “If I cook them, won’t all the bugs die? but will I still taste them?” or “maybe I can try to sift them out”  But, in the end, there are just too many. My dislike for tiny crawly bugs outweighs my want for pancakes.

5. Since the water in our house is unclean, we buy clean water down the street. And we use that to drink, brush our teeth, etc. But, when I shower, and the water runs on my face, I can’t help but wonder. I hold my breath, close my eyes tight, and pray that no microscopic germs find their way into my eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.

6.Avocado. Just saying this word brings a smile to my lips. They are in season right now, and in abundance! How is it that after a hard, long, hot, tiring, frustrating, unproductive day that all I need is this simple fruit and all is well with my soul again.

Beautiful huh?

5 thoughts on “Things that make me go hmmm….

  1. Once again, I have learned some valuable lessons from reading your blog. Waiting is important, I do not have to be concerned if my water is clean enough to drink, or if my pancake mix had bugs, (go buy more), I dont have to worry that my grand children are hungry when they go to sleep………………Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.
    I love you.
    Aunt Kathy

  2. It would do us all well if by some means we could be transported to your humble abode for just one day. In our world of “have to haves”, we discard something that is “out of date”, just have to have the latest iPhone, car, clothing, shoes,
    and on and on.
    Most Americans have no idea what it is to go to bed hungry at night or hear our kids cry becasuse they are hungry. We live in the lap of luxry.
    The question that I pose is “why us”, why are we so privileged?
    I wonder if the Hatian people ask the same question, or are they so used to being poor and hungry that they don’t know any other way.
    There is a simple lesson in this for all of us. We give to causes like OTB from the surplus that we have and don’t feel we need. Do we ever sacrifice to make someone else’s life a little more tolerable? Can we give up a Starbucks, new iphone, or whatever entices us so other’s can have food to eat, Bibles to read, clothes to wear? ]
    When we stand before the Judgement Throne of God, will our Master say “well done thou good and faithful servant”, or will he say “depart from me for I never knew you’. Remember, in as much as you do it unto the least of these my brethren, you do it unto me. Would you let Jesus go hungry, naked or homeless? What can you do to help Brandon and Jessica reach these needy souls? They are making a tremendous sacrafice, what can we do to make their job easier. You have the answer.

  3. OK – Seriously — If you put one more centipede on this blog, I might have to never return!!! EEEWWWW…those are the size of the ones I knew back in my days of Hawaii…I am forever scarred by them so please…seriously NO MORE:]

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