God knows our needs before we know them.

God always provides. Even when we don’t know there is a need. I went to the prison and brothel as I do every Thursday.  Since I first started doing this back in April, our driver has always been a man named Jisler. For some reason, unknown to me, he didn’t drive us this last time. Instead it was Elrick. We usually park the truck at the prison and then walk to the brothel, since it’s not far. This week it was just me and the interpreter, Ivanor. (The main woman, Melonnie, who headed all this up is in the States) So, as we were walking we ran into our driver, Elrick. He was bored and just wondering around. We told him where we were going, and of course being curious, he wanted to come along. I was hesitant, since usually the girls are a bit more distracted when other males come along. J But, for some reason, I said yes and off we went. Well, that day the regular four/five girls we have been meeting and doing Bible study with were all in PAP. But, there were three knew girls to the brothel, who had just arrived this last week. Guess where they were from? The Dominican Republic. And what does that mean? They only spoke Spanish! So how could I (who barely can remember her 5 years of classroom Espanol) and my interperetor who knows English and  Creole talk with them? Well, it just so happened Elrick spoke Spanish. Tears flooded my eyes as I saw that God met a need I didn’t even know we had. And there we all sat. I spoke in English, Ivanor translated to Creole, and Elrick translated to Spanish! As much as I wanted to do the Bible study, it was a bit too much with that much of a language barrier-so we simply chatted and got to know each other. Praise God for His infinite wisdom and faithfulness!

6 thoughts on “God knows our needs before we know them.

  1. Is our God amazing? As he scans the world, he sees what each of his children need, and provides that at the appropriate time.
    We tend to want to pre-plan everything, and rightly so. However, the great communicator, has his special people stationed all around the world, just waiting to deliver his message to those who need it most. I never cease to be amazed at the way God answers prayers, even when we do not articulate them. What a blessing you must have been to those three new girls Jessica. You are beginning to build a reputation around your community, and be assured, people talk. God is watching over you, look up and see his smiling face. He loves you like we all do!!!

  2. thank you for sending me the great aadventures God has you on, I love reading all about what you are doing. I like to think I am with you too. Has the feeding started? I read where OSTB might be considering PaP. was Pastor Evertile able to help you

  3. I am continually amazed and am marveling in your journeys!!! My (almost:}) humdrum life as a suburburian housewife pales in comparison to your exciting adventures!!! I am encouraging my older children to read and learn first-hand how fortunate they are and how yes, there is a world outside of Grosse Pointe!!! Thank you for filling a need that many of us couldn’t even imagine!! YOU MUST put all of these works together, bound it up in a nice bow and publish it!! My thoughts are with not only you and sweetness Jessy, but to all of the people you are interacting with! Way to Go!! Godspeed and white light around the two of you most precious of God’s creatures!!!

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