The First Distribution!!

Praise the Lord O my soul, all my inmost being Praise His Holy Name.

The first day of feeding was today. We cooked 150 meals. We started with a small number because we wanted to make sure everything was working properly. And, it did!! The generator ran great. The pots are working properly.  We fired the pots up, boiled the water, added the food, and waited. It was all done in about 40 minutes. We put the food into three buckets, and drove it across the river to the first organization, Open Arms Ministry. The children there are so sweet and shy. Not many white people come into their small community, there is one white guy that runs everything, Eric, but they are not used to seeing several together.. pretty exciting stuff I guess!!

Eric has been feeding these children for almost six months. Because he is going to use food made from the OTB kitchen, he can now feed double the amount of kids for half the cost!! These children live just a few miles away from Port de Paix, but even just a few miles away means it’s that much harder for their families to find work, food, and water-all the essentials. And so, this is a huge community with some very big needs-and we hope to further help Eric put a dent into the problem of hunger out here. Just today after the feeding program, he wondered the hills in search of more children he can now add to his feeding program because he is getting the food through OTB.

2 thoughts on “The First Distribution!!

  1. PTS … It’s like my own computer and smart phone have been gone for 2 weeks. We have missed hearing about and seeing what you two are doing!!! Tears trickled down as I read about your first feeding. What a privilege to be God’s ambasadors to that needy country. What a chance to show his love to people who know nothing but poverty. This initial feeding must have been a real boost to your souls. This is what you’ve been working for since you first set foot on Hatian soil. Now it has come to pass, and there is no way but up. God must have looked over the balustrades of heaven and watched you floating across the river, then walking down the dusty road to feed “his children”. For this, he sacraficed his Son, Jesus, that all might have life and have it more abundantly. I’m certain that the angels were singing the Hallelujah chorus and dancing around the Throne. God bless you and Brandon, God protect and guide you, and may you feel the satisfaction of doing His Will as you lay down at night and close your eyes. Remember, God is watching over you … he will give his Angels charge over you. You are among the richest people on Earth. You are the “Light of the World” to Hait. Our hats off to you, and our prayers surround you.

  2. what a sweet, sweet day- we are rejoicing with you. I keep seeing this precious little girl in your pics- what is her name?

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