Back up.. we got security!

They are fierce. They are tough. They have guns. They are… our security!

Meet Fortunel, Reynold, and Hansen.

Meet: Smiley. Quirky. All business.

Once you know them, more like:

Smiley, can’t figure him out, All business. They  have one gun with a few old bullets are and we’re unsure they know how to use it. But, when recently questioned by a friend who came by to say hello, they were told by our security, “Can’t say where they are, or when they will be home” And we can’t help but laugh.

3 thoughts on “Back up.. we got security!

    I would call them “Soldiers of The Cross”! {~_~}
    May God bless them, real good.
    I’ve been trying to get our church to let me help with a Security Team, but so far it’s just been talk…………maybe I should come down and help the “Soldiers of The Cross”!?!
    Much love and many prayers,
    jerry & Mary Ann ><

  2. I like that new name-seems applicable with the crosses right behind them and all! I would just love if you were added to the team Jerry!!

    Do you guys already have security at your church? What do you guys have security for? I’m still trying to figure out why we have it… I think it’s just a deterrent since there are a few families living here, a kitchen, and a school.

  3. Thanks Jessica! We don’t yet have a security team @ our church. Most large churches do have security here in the states…….some even uniformed and armed! We have shootings @ churches from time to time. Someone stold the offerings from our church once already and someone got in someway and moved some sound equipment, but didn’t get out with it……left cig. butts behind!
    Blessings to you and those your serve,
    jerry & Mary Ann ><

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