Meet our first employee…

Madame Finance.  She is adorable. She has cooking experience, which is great. She has has cooked for serveral nutrition programs in the past, and brings a lot of experience to the table.  This is a wonderful thing considering the difference between the food Brandon, Jeremy and I made on our first day, Thursday, kind of left one wanting. We followed the directions, but turns out that makes the prepackaged food more like guloushy shlop.  It’s all part of the learning process I suppose!! So, since we had not hired Madame Finance yet, we borrowed the cook from the first organization we gave food to. Sonya. She helped us make it the second day, and wow, what a difference! She make a tasty spice mix with peppers, onions, garlic, and oil first and then added it to the packaged food. It only costs a few extra dollars, but makes the food, well, edible! It was great.

Friday we added beans as well, for added flavor and extra protein. That was quite the procedure. I went with Sonya to the market to buy the beans, and we took them upstairs to our house to cook. (Cause the huge pots have a “hole” at the bottom to drain and the spices and few beans would just get stuck in there) So, for now, we take the spices and beans and cook them on our stove in our house. Well, we bring the beans upstairs-and they didn’t come alone. I think there was 1 creepy black bug per every other bean!! They were crawling everywhere! The ladies were laughing at me as I insisted on smashing all of them. They kept telling me in Creole, ‘it’s okay, they will float to the surface” but what they didn’t understand was I also  didn’t want them in my house! Ah, now we have additional friends in the house. The next day, I made them sort and put the beans into the big pot, and then come upstairs to cook them!

Pictures to come of madame Finance.. you’ll love her too!

4 thoughts on “Meet our first employee…

  1. Hi Jess ! I relate to all of your stories! Exactly how I grew up in Belize! I want you to know, that because I relate, I am constantly praying for you! I “get” it! Been there , done that! And….it’s not easy , I know. I love you so much for your sacrifice and obedience. Please know that I am CONSTANTLY holding you up in prayer.
    Love you!

    1. Barbie,

      You are too cute! I can only imagine things are pretty similar. I really do appreciate that you are taking that knowledge of knowing how difficult it can be, to better pray for us. We can’t thank you enough, and know it’s only by prayer that we continue to make it here. 🙂

      We love you too!

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