Madame Finance & Sonya

We “borrowed” Sonya from one of the organizations we are feeding. Since the first day we made food Brandon and I made it, and it wasn’t as great as we had hoped. Turns out, when you follow the directions, it asks for way too much water, and when you mass produce it, it turns into a shlopy goulash. So, the next day we asked if Sonya could come and give us a few tips. She added some tasty seasonings and used half the amount of water it called for-and it turned out great!!

So Sonya cooked for us for a few days, working hard to cook lots of food that would be tasty. Then, we hired Madame Finance. She is great, like I mentioned, and so asked Sonya to stay a day or two to show her how to use the pots, and what tasty things she added to it. The first way was, well, interesting. I speak enough Creole to understand I think it was a bit of “too many cooks in the kitchen” .. and it kind of make me chuckle to myself to see them both telling the other how they do it and why their way was the best. Either way, they both made great food that day. I gave Madame Finance the option to keep Sonya around for a few more days, if she still thought she wanted help. I figured she would say no seeing as how the morning went, but turns out she wanted help the rest of the week! I was surprised, but grateful I guess that she was willing to say she needed a bit more help before she felt comfortable on her own. So all last week, the two ladies worked together, nicely. 🙂 Whew.

Madame Finance on the left (in what looks like a nightgown, but it's what she uses as an apron. And, she usually puts pantyhose on her head to keep her hair out. She is adorable!! Sonya in the red apron. How cute are they??

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