More help in the kitchen..

So this extra help wasn’t exactly invited, nor did we keep him very long. The scary part, I have seen one other twice his size in the depot, and another one smaller and darker, and somehow meaner looking!  He was glaring at me when I killed him. Yes, sometimes I do kill spiders and cockroaches. And being the girly girl that I am, I am slightly embarrassed, but mostly proud that I am willing to kill cockroaches (and the occasion spider only if brandon is nowhere around). I know now that if I don’t kill them right when I see them, they will come back when I least expect it.  I am too used to this job because the only ones that bother me are the huge ones I swing at and miss, only to watch them fly back at me in retaliation. Yes, cockroaches fly here!!

Creepy thing huh?

3 thoughts on “More help in the kitchen..

  1. Jessica and Brandon-

    You both are such an inspiration not only because of what you are doing for the Lord and the people in Haiti, but also because you are amazing bloggers. Please keep them up, They are both entertaining and encouraging. You are inspiring me to be a much better blogger. We leave (God willing in January) for the mission field in Eastern Europe and I hope that I can keep people updated half as well as you. I am praying for you guys and sorry this comment is so long. I miss you both. God bless! Kristin Yorman

  2. Kristen,

    We are so excited for you guys and your own upcoming adventures! We just put a link on our site to yours, and we love to hear about what God is doing in your lives as well. I didn’t know you were aiming to go as soon as January. Are you feeling ready to go? Past ready to go and just wanna be there? And yes, please keep us updated on your own journey too! (glad you like our blog-it seems silly sometimes writing wondering if anyone’s reading.. that’s why we love comments.. thanks!)

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