Our team is here!!!!

Yes, there is a reason I haven’t posted in about a week.. I’ve been sick. Down for the count, not keeping track of any life outside our room. In fact, when I finally emerged from my cave, I dripped sweat non stop all day as my body readjusted to life away from our small a/c unit! Uh. By Saturday I was finally feeling normal again. And, ready for our team that was going to be here.

We are so excited to have visitors!!!! Especially since we know and love all of them!! Our pastor,who we’ve known forever and just love, from the Carlsbad venue at NCC, JD, and his son CJ are here. Eric, a great friend and who is starting up another kitchen with OTB in Tijuana with his wonderful wife and new baby girl, also came to check things out.. A sweet couple Annette and Chris (we met Annette at the Perspectvies Class at NCC and she was instrumental as we began to figure out what God had for us and missions) and sweet Darchelle who we met just recently and think she has a heart of gold. They all landed in Haiti on Friday-ya they all made it here safely!!-and half were going to spend a few days in PAP while the other half were going to fly straight up here. Brandon left Friday to meet them all and get them to the proper places. Well, since this is Haiti (our new motto, TIH) we got them all at the airport Saturday, sent the three off to an orphange close by, and went to wait with the other three at the airport. They waited from 9am-4pm until Tortug finally told them they only had one working plane and the 80 or so people needing to get to pdp were just going to have to try another day. !!!!  So, they left. And tried to get a hotel , but they were all booked!! So, thankfully, God provided and they were able to go to the same orphanage the other three were at! After much needed sleep, the next day they decided it was going to be another waste of a day to try to fly up Sunday, and that the whole team could just come up together Monday am.

Today is Monday, and they were all supposed to be here by 11:30. Finally, they got here at 3:30. Whew! They are beaten down  and tired but man they are such good sports! They arrived with smiling, sweating faces.. and what a happy sight!! How wonderful and refreshing to see familiar faces, brothers and sisters in Christ! I am already so encouraged by them and they’ve just been here a few hours! More details and pictures to come….

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