Go team!!

It was so fun to have this team here!! Each morning they went downstairs to the kitchen and helped. They would spend about two hours helping cut bags of food, wash dishes and buckets, stir the food, and ladle it into the buckets. It was funny to see our two cooks interact with them! At first they were unsure of anyone else coming into “their” kitchen, but it didn’t take long for them to love the excitement, help and enthusiasm of the team!!

Chris and Annette helping open bags of food
JD and CJ - father and son- helping in the kitchen.
CJ and Eric helping was buckets...and there are a decent amount to clean each day!
Madame Finance found a new friend-Darchelle! I think Darchelle left her a few scarves, her glasses, and anything else she thought she would love!
Yes, they are as hot and sweaty as they look!! It's a hot job scooping all the rice from the pot into the buckets!

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