Christmas in October

SO fun !  Christmas in October!!

As I was making dinner the first night, each person from our team came into the kitchen with their hands full. They had packed almost four huge bags just for Brandon and I!! Some of the things they personally had bought and brought over. Others were from our church in Carlsbad where JD is the pastor. He asked the entire congregation to bring goodies or anything they thought we would love and drop them by the church the few weeks before he left. People gave us movies, books, magazines, candy, snacks, Starbucks instant coffee, nailpolish and some even threw in hand written notes of encouragement!! I cried as I saw the love and thoughtfulness that so many people had put into the big and small gifts that touched our hearts. Thank you to each and everyone of you who  gave us fun treats that made our day, week and month!!! Really, it did!!

Yummy scone mix (all I need is water and I have instant delicious scones! And nail polish too.. how did you guys know it was my favorite???
Check out that stack!!! What a great gift when we have no TV and ain't much to do when the sun goes down!!!

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