Team visits Rose and Edriss

So, turns out I’m not the only one who thinks Rose and Edris are simply amazing. We decided to take the team there, to meet the family and meet the kids that are receiving the food.  The team prepared a great VBS, and I loved it. I’m not sure what was my favorite part: The way all the kids listened intently as JD told the story of how Jesus healed a paralytic (as they even kept glancing up at the ceiling almost expecting a man to come climbing right through it!), or how JD and his son CJ sang and interacted with the kids as father and son, or the way they boldly tried to sing songs in Creole and the kids loved it, or how when the team gave the kids a picture to color you could tell some of them had never colored before (they were 5yrs old to about 8yrs old) and they loved it. Oh what a great afternoon.

Edriss, Eric and CJ helping the kids color
I laughed so hard-these girls were fascinated with JD-and I finally figured out it was because they wanted to touch his bald head. So, of course, being the good sport he is JD said 'sure!' Well, I told him he should ask to feel their hair too-which he did- and made the girls laugh even harder!!
The older boys loved CJ. They loved seeing someone close to their age..and they also loved his hair too! :).
I think it's safe to say these kids had never colored took them a little to 'get it' and then they loved it!


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