The second place our team did a VBS was at Open Arms Christian Ministry. Remember them? They were the first ministry we started feeding about a month ago. This organization is just outside of Port de Paix,in a more rural area. Most, if not all of the kids that are a part of this feeding program have never had a VBS (Vacation Bible School) done for them, and many have never heard of the Gospel either. They were fascinated not only by the six whites who sang with them and shared a story with them, but also seemed pretty interested in the message of the story too. Oh how we prayed their little hearts would understand and they would come to know and love Jesus!!!

JD, his son CJ and our interpreter Edril teaching the kids the song, "deep and wide" They loved it!
The kids loved CJ and were fascinated by him and his guitar. I loved watching father and son lead the kids in praise!!
These were the little guys.. aren't they SO cute?? Look at his little yellow rain boots!! That's the first kid I've seen with rain boots here!

So of course since I was in charge of feeding the team while they were here, I thought it was fitting to have them all try the food that OTB cooks, the Feed My Starving Children Food. And instead of eating it in the comfort of our house, I also thought it would be fun to have a little picnic. So after we all hung out with the kids from OACM, before we went back into the crazy city, we found a quiet shady spot on the side of the road and pulled out extra food we made. The consensus? Pretty good stuff!! All ate it for lunch and said they liked it. The funny part was, even though we were only stopped for a few minutes, we immediately had visitors. A dad and daughter approached the truck and simply said with arms open wide, “you can take my picture”  We all laughed, but of course did since you don’t always find people that willing to let you take your picture. After we did, we offered them a plate of food. They were so excited! As they walked away, they shouted at four other people walking down the street telling them we were giving away food.My first reaction was to be annoyed, but rather I was able to appreciate that in their own way, they were just looking out for their neighbors making sure if they got free food, they wanted others to get some too! We gave them each a plate, but then decided we had better go before word spread too quickly!

Eating FMSC food in the back of the truck
Darchelle, Annette, me
Our new friends on the side of the road...Boldness sure paid off!
Crossing the river to OACM. They are building a bridge-who knows when it'll be done!
For now, this is how we get across.. trucks cross when the water in the river isn't too high. When it is-which is often-the food is placed in a boat and taken across. Then loaded onto donkeys who walk about a mile to OACM.

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