OTB on FM 94.9’s The Mikey Show

The OTB staff went to The Mikey Show this morning!

For those of you who don’t know the Mikey Show, it’s a pretty famous morning talk show, that airs in our area every weekday from about 6am-10am. He is a hilarious guy, (who just so happens to love the Lord and have a heart of gold) who also has a super fun staff, including Woods, LOB, Jay and Chris.

We debated all morning who would talk and represent OTB on air. Of course my vote was Brandon, but since he is sick, still sick, and not getting better sick, he had to stay home! I was bad a wife and pumped him with drugs and left him for a few hours to go the show!! He was doted after by his mom, so I knew he was just fine! Anyway, the OTB staff voted on me (I was out numbered) since I do live in Haiti. As much as I love to talk-yes shock me shock me-I kinda get freaked out with stuff like this. I either clam up and stumble around saying random things, or talk really high pitched and super fast. So, I think I was a combination of the two!!!

I think the highlight for me was to meet Mikey, since I have heard such good things about him and his huge interest in OTB. He is actually planning on visiting Nov 4th and Brandon and are excited to have him come and experience Haiti first hand! I loved listening to the show all morning-and not just for the multiple plugs he gave to OTB and what we’re doing, but I just loved seeing his heart. In fact, like the emotional train wreck I am, I started crying on the air, as he told me after I answered a few questions of how he came to know of OTB and wanted to get involved. I saw how much the Lord used a video months ago that the talented OTB staff made to capture his heart and move him to be a part of OTB. I loved what he said how sometimes you just know when something/someone/some organization just has your name on it and you know God is telling you to be a part of that. I love that! Cause we are all just asked to listen to the Lord and be obedient in whatever He asks of us. And listening to his show, (being reminded by Jesse just minutes before I spoke that over 500,000 people listen to this show!!) I saw what God was doing with an obedient heart. He broadcasts to a secular crowd and unashamedly talks about Jesus. He is funny while still maintaining integrity. And, shock me shock me, I cried again at the end. Each time he ends the show telling a little bit about his testimony.. something to encourage others listening who might be lost, alone, hopeless-that if God can turn Him around and give him hope then he can for anyone. You should listen to that part too!

Anyway, here are two ways to check it out. One is from the OTB website, the other from the 94.9 webstite:


To go directly to the OTB website, Click Here. And the plug is on the right side.

You can also go Here, and see a list of the podcast sections from today October 22. The one that OTB is in the most is the 9am one that says Outside the Bowl.

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