Dengue Fever.

So it turns out that Brandon did indeed have Dengue Fever. It sounds foreign and strange, and that’s really because it is!! It’s not common in the United States at all. It’s a sickness from a mosquito bite (those buggards, do they do anything good??) He got a severe fever, a consistent 103 for five days, bad body aches, full body rash including palms and bottom of his feet, his white blood cell count was low, as was his blood platelets, and his blood pressure! The sweet Dr. in Fallbrook didn’t have a clue (Bless his heart, at least he admitted he doesn’t see a lot of dengue in our small town!) and we saw a specialist and emailed the nurses in Haiti. He was in bed seven full days, and has finally ventured out to the land of the living. Thank you to the MANY of you who prayed for a healing for his body! The Lord healed him, and allowed me to have wisdom in how to treat and take care of him. There were a few scary nights when his fever spiked up to 104!! There are four/five types/strands of it, and it seems he had the moderate to severe one. It could have been worse, and we are so thankful he is better. Turns out a famous surfer just died of Dengue Fever, and while Brandon now loves to remind me or anyone listening that he had a disease someone died of (usually when he wants to extract more sympathy!), the news reports Andy Irons more likely died of  drug related issues mixed with dengue fever.

So, we planned to head back to Haiti Monday the 1st. But since we thought a few more days of rest would be good, and we had a team coming down the 4th, we would just go back with them. However, the team had to cancel at the last minute (mainly due to the hurricane quickly making it’s way straight towards Haiti) and we had hoped to leave today to avoid more change fees. Yet, we just learned the airlines actually cancelled the flight cause it was scheduled to land Friday morning right when the hurricane would hit. Now, we wait, and looks like we may be heading back Sunday night. We’ll keep ya posted!!!

2 thoughts on “Dengue Fever.

  1. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care as you head back to one of the poorest countries in the whole world! Those dear people sure need to know our Jesus and his saving, delivering power!!
    Mary Ann is supposed to be back tomorrow (Fri) night….God willing. Her mom is in her last days on this ol’ earth…….on feeding tube and oxygen.
    Thanks for the posts/updates! Stay safe!
    Love and many prayers,
    jerry & Mary Ann ><

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