Two weeks=three!!

We had planned to come home for a short two weeks…to have special time with family while Brandon’s brother and wife were in town, and his sister was having a baby. Two turned into three as Brandon got sick, there was a hurricane, and well, that was enough to buy us another week home! We are so thankful since it’s so hard to squeeze seeing all our family and loved ones into such a short time-especially with Bran sick for over 10 of those days! So, just wanted to share with you some fun photos of our time home….

Grandpa's 70th Birthday!! YA we were home for this!! (He LOVES Mariachi bands!)
All the beautiful ladies of the family!
Brother time!
Mom Stone and all us daughters
My long time friend Julie at her surprise baby shower. We've been friends since we were two yrs old!!!
Kelsey (Bran's sister) and Reid finally had the baby the 31st!! We were so worried we might not be able to meet him! But with the extra un planned week, we got plenty of time to love on him. Isn't he SO cute??


Halloween..not our favorite holiday..but we tried to think of something last minute..can you guess what we are??? A missionary and a dorky dad! (our friends who are dads didn't find this as funny!!)hehehe
But I do love carving pumpkins!! And so does Kelly (and it happens to be her birthday!!)
The family threw Brandon a birthday party and the theme was THANKSGIVING!! They made turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pies.. everything!! OH what a treat!!
Brandon's early birthday party/Thanksgiving dinner! It was amazing! Looks like a lot of candles huh???


Fundraisers and events with OTB-and our good friends who are also starting up the newest kitchen in Tijuana! And their sweet baby girl!!
Much needed girl time! Tina, me, Darcy (her husband is coming to visit Haiti this week!!!)

2 thoughts on “Two weeks=three!!

  1. so fun sister! I am bummed to have missed out! Whose Kitchen are you standing in with your awesome, yet offensive, costumes?! It looks just like mom’s old kitchen . . .??

  2. It does, I didn’t even notice!!

    It’s at our friends Marisa and Leif. It’s a super cute house too.
    Miss you sister!

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