Back to Haiti safe and sound.

Yes, we have been back for a week now, but we have no internet (again). We got tired of waiting so we drove  an hour to St. Loius to catch up on work email, personal email, blogs, all other life really.  Since bandwidth is limited here, I will pry have to post some pictures later…

November 8th

We made it back in country safe. There were no major plane issues or delays, which made for a pretty easy travel day. The fun part was we also flew back in with our friend, Jordy Szabo. He was originally scheduled to come and visit us today, and since we were delayed with Brandon being sick (We were supposed to leave Nov 1st)  and then hurricane set us back (we supposed to come in with the Mikey Team the 4th), so it worked out that we all came to Haiti together.

I was embarrassed that we arrived to a very dirty house. Our house is indoor/outdoor, which means after one day there is a layer of dirt throughout. So, you can imagine what it looked like after three weeks of being gone, including the hurricane rains, neighbors burning trash often, and normal dust floating around! We found a few creatures and areas that were growing new life…

Not just dust bunnies..but a mouse family found their way in too! Not rats though, mice, thankfully!

I am happy, well, estatic really, to report there was some growing of wonderful things too!!! When I left, I had a few beautiful plants growing. I had a very healthy zucchini and cucumber plant, and a sad looking tomato and basil plant. After leaving them for God to look after for three week, I came home to a total reverse!!! The zucchini and cucumber wilted and look awful, while my basil plant with literally one baby leaf showing, turned into this…

I was speechless! Isn't it beautiful! I think it's the most wonderful smelling thing in all of Haiti!!!


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