Happy Birthday Brandon

November 9th.

Happy Birthday to Brandon!!! For those of you know know me, I kind of really really love birthdays. So, it’s very difficult to swallow that my husband does not. So, since we already did an early birthday celebration with the family while we were home, I promised to keep it low key. I made him yummy scones for breakfast. We spent the day trying to get back to work and see what happened while we were gone. I was able to take Jordy around and show him all of the organizations that we make food for. He loved riding in the truck seeing crazy Port de Paix, stopping at each site with deliver to, and seeing the kids that receive the food. We had hoped to do all kitchen stuff, but turns out that cholera is creeping its way to where we live. The hospital in La Point (about 4 miles from us) was running out of room for patients. They were keeping them outside, even though it was pouring rain, cause they didn’t have any more room!! So, we offered to help set up a huge tent so they could treat more patients. Since we had our friend Jordy with us, we really wanted him to see the kitchen and all that entailed. However, how could we say no when literally people were dying?? He had no problem deviating from our plans, and off we all went to help. It was much more involved than I had imagined in my head!! It was a huge, almost three story army tent-23ftx35ft!!!

It was great to know now patients didn't have to sit out in the rain.

I was planning to make a tasty something for dinner when he told me that he needed to go to St. Louis with our partner organization to help with the cholera outbreak. So, I made him cookies and packed them in his bag. And he spent his birthday night in the hospital helping. What a great guy, huh??


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