We love visitors!!

November 10

We LOVE visitors!!!  It’s been so fun to have Jordy here! We have known him and his wife for over four years, and have been in an amazing Bible Study group with them. He wanted to visit as soon as we told them we were coming here.  But, since life is always unpredictable, he were delayed in coming. They did have the cutest little girl in August, Jolie, and she is so sweet! And even though it was so hard for him to leave his wonderful wife Darcy and new sweet baby girl, he came for five whole days! He knew God wanted him to come here and see what Haiti was like, how he could help, see what we were doing, and he came!

And, side note, but not only did he spend the money, and take vacation time to get here, but he also brought so many fun goodies with him! We are so spoiled and loved! His wife packed for us baked goods, candles, books, and yummy junk food! Thank you Darcy!!!


So fun!! I feel so spoiled!!

Each morning Jordy has helped in the kitchen. He helped open up the tons of small plastic bags of food, pour them in the huge pots and cook them up.


A lot of food….


Hanging out in the kitchen with the cooks




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