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We’ve been back home in Port de Paix since Saturday night. It sure feels nice to be here. Saturday and Sunday were the first days off we’ve had since we went to St. Louis almost a month ago. Sure, there were slow days here and there, but being on the campus meant we were available all the time, for any reason. It’s been nice to be home, and just hide away in our place.  We spent some time reading, watching movies, just hanging out.

I was very happy to get into the Christmas spirit too. Even though we don’t have a tree here to decorate, we made the most of it. Our friend Jordy, when he came to visit in November, brought us a few boxes of Christmas lights. So, I played some festive Christmas music, while Brandon hung the lights…. They look so beautiful!!!

PICTURES coming…

Monday morning we went to a program that the school across the way put on, at Sonlight Academy. It was the little kids program-lots of singing, dancing, reciting things in Creole and English. I was amazed at how much English they knew at the tender age of six!! The best part? Seeing the adorable little kids dressed up in suits, bowties, and fancy dresses. They were so cute!

PICTURES coming…


The goal for Wednesday: To leave the country! AA only started flying again today, Tuesday, after they didn’t fly in or out of the country for six days. We are expecting it to be crazy there, but are hoping that those who have tickets for upcoming days won’t get bumped for those trying to reschedule. I don’t know how it all works, I just know we are praying we can leave. Not only are we ready for a break, but we planned a trip to visit good friends in Colorado the next day! I sure hope all goes well, and we will make it out to see them.  I can’t even think or worry about not making there, it makes me sad to even go there.  And so, instead of worrying, we are praying. God’s in control, not us. (something I have to remind of all the time!)


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