Bibles for everyone!

As I know we’ve said before, it’s tough to get anything done in Haiti. Everything takes about four times as long as you think it might, and we have finally come to accept that. For that reason, I was shocked when a truck pulled into our campus today with a special delivery. Bibles. One of the members of the team that visited us back in October, Darchelle, had sent Bibles! When she visited, she learned that the school that nwhcm mission operates, right in the campus where we live, really wanted Bibles. She knew the Lord had her name on that from the moment she heard about it. She asked me how to get Bibles delievered to Port de Paix, and I was afraid my answer had possibly discouraged her. It’s not easy. In fact, we’ve been trying to get Bibles to the prison for months, and the few times we head to Port au Prince, we are never able to walk away with more than ten or so at a time, for one reason or another. But, that didn’t discourage her at all, and in fact spurred her on to make it happen. She did it all on her own. She researched organizations, how to buy them, how to deliver them, everything. She went home and told her home church all about her idea, and they came behind her and gave her enough money to be able to purchase a Bible for each kid in that school-plus some for us to hand out as well to those we know needed one. Over 400 Bibles!!  I was able to go around to each of the classrooms as they passed the Bibles out, which was great. They were all so excited that they had their very own Bible. The best was since I know Darchelle, and the whole story surrounding her getting them, I was able to tell tehm who had bought the Bibles for them and why.

They all proudly held them up to display their very own Bibles
It was like we were having a party
My favorite was watching some gently flip it open and lovingly caress the pages.
When we walked through the school, all the little kids swarmed mom. It was so cute to see them all smiling at her, touching her, and playing with her
Edril was sweet to come with us. I'm trying not to use him as much so I can use my Creole more and more-he was there to make sure I didn't say anything way off!!

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