A visit to Sonya’s house

Today we took mom to visit Open Arms, the very first organization we started distributing food to. You know, the place we stole Sonya from.. across the river. We went there so my mom could meet those kids out there, they are so precious and sweet. She was hilarious to watch as she would just sit down next to them and started talking to them. I kept reminding her that they don’t speak any English-but I finally stopped realizing it was more fun to just let her chatter away.

They just love her!
My favorite little love bug
Isn't he so sweet??? Only 5 months old

The best part, for me, was as I was pointing to where Sonya lived, she offered to take her into her house. I was so excited. We walked up a small hill, and stepped inside. Her house was made of brick, with a tin roof. It was two rooms, the first was a kitchen/dining room. It was so neat and tidy, with pots hanging all around. She had fake flowers on the table (a very Haitian thing is fake bright flowers everywhere) and my personal favorite, a large picture of Jean Claud VanDam.  The next room was her bedroom, with a nice big bead, and little closet. Everything was so tidy and perfect. Most Haitians homes are like this too, they are very proud of their homes, and take such great care of everything.  She then took us right next door to meet her mother in law and sister. I loved meeting her family, seeing her house, and being allowed into her life a little more.

Mom, Sonya, me. In her dining room
Don't worry, I made them move over so we could Jean Claude in the picture too
The whole neighboorhood thought it was very interesting that us white folk were in her house, and they all came to check out what the fuss was all about!

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