A simple walk in the country

There really is no such thing here. I mean, in theory, perhaps yes. We are a spectacle no matter where we go, and it was pretty funny to see how mom dealt with it. We decided to take  her on a walk out of the city, up on hill. Once you get out of the crazy city of Port de Paix, it’s pretty quiet, a little more green, and you have wide open space. I love it. The walk started pretty uneventful, just mom stopping every few feet to take pictures ( I wonder where I get it from?) It sure is a beautiful walk, and since I never take my camera with me, it was fun to get some photos of the nearby countryside, especially with mom in it!!

That is the city of Port de Paix below us-with Tortuga Island off in the distance (yes, the real pirate island!)
A beautiful cross at the top. A couple across the way from us just got married there in August
Port of Paix in the background
Isn't is pretty? That is the other side of Tortuga in the distance
In my opinion, this is pry one of the top 5 images that come to mind when I think of Haiti. Everyone, especially women, carry everything on top of their heads. It's amazing to me.
The kids mom wanted to keep!

Okay, now this picture below needs an explanation. Do you see the puddle behind mom and the sweet Haitian lady? Well, it rains a lot right now, creating lots of puddles, and lots of mud. We came across many puddles on our walk, and mom was able (with Brandon’s helping hand) to navigate most of them pretty well. We came to this one, and my strategy when you come to a large muddy area, is to wait and watch where a Haitian walks-they always know the small path that will keep your feet dry. We waited, and waited, and no one came. So, we ventured out. Me first, Bran next, holding mom’s hand. Well, she hit a slippery part, and in suck one shoe, then another. She of course freaked out, and ran out, sliding all around, but luckily not falling! Of course, the Haitians sitting around thought that was pretty funny, and came out to watch.  We came to the next large mud puddle, and mom was struck with fear. She wouldn’t trust us, she wouldn’t go. We tried and tried. Finally, the Haitian woman you see in the picture came out of her house. She encouraged mom, telling her she could do it. She could tell mom wasn’t having it (somethings don’t need a translation!!) and so she lead the way. She went step by step helping mom, pulling her along. And of course, it all worked out. Mom was saved, and also made a new friend!

Check out those shoes!

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