Cooking and a visit to La Baie

Mom helped me make Haitian spaghetti… the best Haitian dish I know how to cook. I’m learning a few more, but don’t have them down yet! She loved using the ‘pilon’ which is what you use to mash up the garlic, onions, peppers, etc.

The benefits of using the pilon add up:1. a great arm workout 2. get out any aggression as you beat and mash the spices
I just had to take more pictures.. even though we are just eating.. it's not everyday you can eat dinner with your mom in Haiti!!!

A fun visit and drive out to LA BAIE:

Our friends that work for nwhcm live in La Baie. They are such a sweet couple, and we look for any excuse to go and visit them. Not only do we think they are great, but they live in the middle of nowhere, with peace and quiet, on the ocean (one you can actually swim in) and so we go as often as we can! We took my mom there, so she could see the quieter, country side of Haiti, so she could meet our friends, and have a fun time swimming at the beautiful beach there. She loved it!


The beautiful beach we took the boat to
Danielle (who lives there) Barb (sweet girl who works for nwhcm state side) and me and mom. We had a fun girls afternoon!
My sweet husband, always the gentleman helping mom across streams and puddles. After her sinkage incident, she clung onto Bran for dear life while crossing!!
Could that be anymore picture perfect? A gorgeous moon rise

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