Mom’s last day

We had a great last day together, whenever we both could get over the fact that she really was leaving the next day. It went by so fast! I’m glad we got to take her so many places! It was so great to have her meet all the OTB staff, she loved meeting and seeing all the adorable kids we feed every day, it was fun to have her help in the kitchen, but the best of all was having her there all week-simply so we could show her what we do, experience what we do together, and to work together, side by side, in this wild and crazy country we live in. What a treat to share that with my mom.

Cooking in the OTB kitchen.
We both love to play cards, so we spent some time doing that together. In fact, I got my fill cause Brandon isn't much of a card player, and I love it!!
Mom was so brave and ate more tasty Haitian food. Fried plantains, chicken, and rice
A beautiful sunset for our last night together

Of course we didn’t leave without tears and many, many hugs and kisses. My heart is so full that she was able, willing, and wanting to come and visit us. What a delightful treat to have her here, in our home in Haiti. I love that now she knows what life is like here…something that is hard to explain, even with descriptive words and pictures. But now she knows, and has experienced the craziness, wonderfulness, heartache, and joy that comes from being here.

One thought on “Mom’s last day

  1. What a blessing to have your Mom there to touch, taste, feel, see, hear, endure, all the experiences you and Brandon have daily. While it remains just as far from home, she has a built in GPS (God’s Personal Solution) to the distance she is apart from her sweet, loving daughter and son-in-law. Now when she looks at a sunrise, or watches the sun set, or sees the moon over the ocean, she can, at least for a moment, be transported back to where her heart lies, embedded with you and Brandon. God give us these special moments, so we can handle the unpleasant ones. God bless you and Brandon, and may God sooth the loneliness in your hearts. Rest assured that everyone that knows you, loves you, and prays daily for your safe keeping. The Lord truly is your Shepherd

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