With a moth moth here and moth moth there…

Sundays are usually a day of rest. My mom got to experience Haitian church, which really is an experience in and of it’s own. However, for the last few months we have been going to a new church, and we like it a lot better. We were tempted to take her to the old one, we feel as if anyone visiting gets off easy when they don’t sit through the normal 3 hour service, on a wood bench, in a stifling hot room, sitting through 2 hours of singing, and 1 hour of a man screaming down a microphone in Creole. So, she got off easy with only 1 hour of singing, and no yelling at all!!  Later that afternoon she helped me clean out our pantry. When we came back we discovered we had new friends-not just the cute dust bunnies we normally have, but moths. I didn’t think moths would bother me so much, but turns out they are pretty nasty! They got into something, made babies, and multiplied. So, since I got tired of waking up every morning and killing about twenty moths lined up in the hall/pantry, I decided it was time to go after the source. And thankfully, my mom was there to help me. It took us three hours! We pulled everything off the cabinet, wiped it down, and put it back. We had to throw out some stuff too, which of course made me cringe. Packets of precious brownie mix, and chocolate chips that had nasty, nasty, things living in it. Mom wanted to toss each can that looked worn or gross, each box that was dented or squished. But, I had to remind her, that in Haiti we can’t just go the store and buy another. Those precious few boxes of cake mix actually came that way since they traveled so far, and since there is no easy way to get more, we have to keep all the scary looking ones. She was a bit creeped out I think, when I had to explain that if I threw out everything with bugs in it, on it, or around it, I would have no food at all! At first I gave her her own trash can to throw things away, but then had to make her show me anything before she could toss it! We got some good laughs in! Would you hold it against me if you knew that a few times I contemplated keeping moth infested Ghiradeli’s brownie mix.. thinking that the bugs would pry just die once I baked the brownies? I really sat there and contemplated which was worse-brownies with dead bugs in it, or no brownies at all?

It was so great to have her there to help me!!

Today we took mom downstairs to have her help out in the kitchen. She got to meet Madame Finance and Sonya, and of course they loved her right away and visa versa! She had fun helping them peel garlic, mash the vegetables, and help in any way she could.

Check out that huge 'pilon' the thing they use to mash the spices




4 thoughts on “With a moth moth here and moth moth there…

  1. That is hilarious and disgusting all wrapped in one! I could just see you dreaming about your chocolately chocolateness while imagining crispy moths in them!

  2. Oh Jessica! I lived in Ecuador for a year and accidentally ended up eating a mango full of fruit fly maggots (the way I was taught to eat mangos there was to cut a little hole, smash the fruit against the seed, and then suck the juice out the hole). When I found out, I spit everything out of my mouth and washed it out thoroughly. Unfortunately, I had already swallowed the majority of the mango, etc. The funny thing is that the only reason I found out it cuz looked into the mango skin. The nasty little critters tasted just like mango. Craziness. I think that moth larvae might be a whole new kind of yuck. Their babies are bigger because the parents are bigger :). Oh yeah,this is Kristin, not Casey, by the way. God Bless you guys! We love your blog posts!!!!!

    1. Kristen,

      I’m not sure you’ll get this, but thought I would try anyway!

      So fun to hear from you! That is a nasty story about the mango!! And I would be very shy around them every time thereafter for sure!

      We’ve been getting your prayer request updates, we are so excited for you guys as you get ready to set out! What is the newest date you guys are looking at? Are you gone, but still doing local training? I think I read somewhere that you were aiming to be in Europe before summer?

      Much love Jessica

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