My mom is here in Haiti!!!

I can hardly believe it. My mom has wanted to come and visit us ever since we told her we were coming to Haiti, over a year ago now. In fact, she had a trip all scheduled to go with her brother  John(who regularly visits the southern part of Haiti) for Feb last year. But because of the earthquake, they were not able to go, and she has been wanting to come back since then. It worked out great for her to come now, because she was able to come into the country with us since we were just home visiting. It is so fun to have her  here, so she can see where we live, what we do, and experience what Haiti is really all about.

Her first day:

The tiny 19 seater that takes us Port de Paix
Mom and I. She did great on the plane ride, it wasn't too bumpy that day. She did laugh when they honked the horn and circled the dirt runway!


The Second Day she was here we took her to St. Louis. We had to drop off some supplies we brought back with us, and we wanted her to see nwhcm, the campus,and meet everyone. We had to take a tap tap (the local public transportation) because there were no mission trucks. She thought it was a rough ride in the back of that truck, even though we were sitting in seats in the back! (She did learn the next day that the real tap taps have wooden benches to sit on though!! Poor mom!!)

In the back of the truck
In St. Louis.

2 thoughts on “My mom is here in Haiti!!!

  1. O YEA Jeannie – You look great…hopefully you packed some heavy duty bras for the tap taps!! Haha….I can just picture us cracking up together about so many things!! So proud of you!! You too Jess and Bran….enjoy God’s beautiful gift (your mother of course!!)

  2. So, so fun!! Mom looks slightly worried but definitely makin’ it happen! Take care of her sweet sister! Maybe in addition to Molly’s suggestion ; ) you could get her a back brace or something- she will undoubtedly be hurtin’ when she gets back?!

    Love you guys!

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