Soakin’ up Auntie and Uncle time too..

We are Auntie and Uncle to FOUR now. We already had three nephew’s and nieces from my sister and her husband, and now Brandon’s sister had her first in November. It was so so wonderful to spend time with them, especially since they change so much each time we see them. Since we only see them a few times a year, they are so different each and every time!!

The oldest of my sisters. We are love bugs. He is so dear to my heart. His newest love is climbing trees, and since that was my favorite thing to do growing up, we climbed trees together the whole time he was here!
The middle little guy.... it all started with a pair of boots auntie got 'em.. and now he loves being a cowboy! I just wanna rope him up and take him with me!
Brandon's sisters little guy.. in his skunk pj's!! How cute is he???
My sister's youngest. All smiles....

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