Not only is it good for Brandon and I to get a break from Haiti, but even a break from each other is good! We obviously live together, now work together, and live in place where it’s very very difficult to do anything extra curricular! So, it worked out that my mom, my sister, and my brothers girlfriend were all able to take a few days to have a fun girls weekend. It was so delightful!!! We didn’t go far, right up the coast to Newport Beach, but it was far enough to feel away. A friend was able to give us a discount on a hotel, and we were able to stay in a great place with an ocean view! We spent our time relaxing, eating, walking, chatting, watching movies, and simply enjoying each others company. It was so good for the soul!!

My mom, and sister... from our balcony!!
And we got to celebrate my sister's birthday.. something we don't get to do often cause she lives on the east coast
me, mom, rach, ashley. So fun to be together!!
Much need sister time.. oh how I miss her!!!


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