Happy New Year

I’ve been thinking about how long you have until after New Years Day to say to someone, ‘happy new year’. At first, I thought just a week. One week into the new year, you are still allowed to tell some to have a wonderful new year. Well, since you are wishing them a wonderful year, maybe you can push it until two weeks after the 1st. That deadline was up yesterday. So, I won’t wish you a happy new year, but rather hope that your new year has been all that you hope for and more. I am curious by nature, and I would love to sit down with each and every one of you and find out, 1. Do you sent New Years Resolutions? 2. If so, what are they? 3. If not, why not?

I used to set resolutions each year. They last few years I have shied away from it, and I can’t really pin point the reason. I think perhaps it stems from wanting to set these great, amazing, exciting goals, and I end up never achieving them cause they are so ridiculous.  I had one friend tell me she likes to set goals in different categories in her life. You know, like a financial goal, a mental goal, physical, perhaps even spiritual if you could somehow articulate your goal more than, ‘become closer to God’. I liked her idea, and so I have sat down to start thinking through what I would like to achieve, accomplish, or do this next year. And, honestly, I find that list to be a little short right now! I think that is kind of sad. Does that mean that I am not driven? It could mean I just need to spend more time thinking about next year… but I do find that difficult when Brandon and I have no clue what next year might hold!!

We did spend New Years like the real party animals we are. Out in party central Valley Center, with the local goats, horses, and rolling hills! It was just us and our good friends Luke and Kelly. It was very mellow, just what we needed.

Kelly and Bennet. Only one more week with his helmet... kelly made it so cute for him!! And really, he fits the phrase, "he can really pull it off" !!
Luke and Bran enjoying food... all night long!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. We had so, so, so much fun with you guys! Brandon even made it to midnight! I do need these photos though…so when you get a chance, I’d love for you to email them to me. Thanks lady!

  2. So I’m curious… Did you end up making resolutions? I always like to. Some years with success – other years not so much. Great to spend time with guys.


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