Reflections of Christmas

I know it’s now officially 22 days past Christmas, but since I do love it so much, I just thought I would post some pictures from our time with family and friends over the holidays. It was such a joy to be home with family during the holidays. We loved the time we got to spend together, traditions we were able to continue to be a part of, and the deliberate time of celebrating our Lord’s birth!!

Sweet Grandma and Grandpa
Uncle Ken & Aunt Barbie (yup, Ken and Barbie, how cute are they???)
Aunt Tammy and George, and Blake (holding the newest grand-baby to the Stone Family!!)
Mom and Ben and Ashley
Mom and Dad cute as ever!
We went Christmas light looking!! My favorite! With Eric and Dejah (Our sweet friends who are now doing the newest OTB kitchen in Mexico.

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