Turns out the beautiful place our friends live, Colorado, is even more wonderful that I could have ever imagined. What more can you ask for than to enjoy great friends, in a gorgeous setting? Casey and Melissa were such wonderful hosts, and did so much to make us feel welcome and show us as much of Colorado as possible…(of course in hopes that we’ll move there someday-and after a visit we can certainly say it would be a great place to live!))  It was simply wonderful, and per usual I took way too many photos (so did Melissa though, which is just another reason I love her so much!) and so here are just some highlights…

The gorgeous drive up to Fraser in the Rockies!!
We kept making the boys pull over to get photos
Exactly how I pictured CO. I mean really, could this town be any cuter?
Tubing. I never knew anything could be more fun than sledding-but tubing you go faster, rarely crash, and they pull you back to the top on a rope while you sit in your tube!!!
A beautiful lake (of about 4) we passed on a trail right out their front door..oh the many positives to Colorado!
I was speechless. I've never seen a light display so amazing in ALL my life-all the lights are coordinated to music!! Check it out on utube-type in Greeley Grizwalds
What more can you ask for than to go Christmas light looking with a fellow Christmas light looking lover??
I think this was my favorite moment. Ice skating on a real frozen pond, in the middle of the forest, with no one around, and it was snowing. It was magical. And of course hot cocoa afterwards too.
Turns out fresh falling snow sticks great, making great snow balls..which no one can resist throwing!! Who looks the guiltiest here??hmm??

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