The faithfulness of God

Hebrews 11 is considered the ‘hall of fame for the faithful’. But upon closer inspection, I have come to see that it is so much more. I encourage you to read it, or perhaps re-read it. I find myself so encouraged by their stories, by the lives they lived for the Lord, for the way they honored and glorified Him no matter how tough things got. They were all “honored by God for having believed what they could not see over what they could”. And, I love that. It reminds me that it isn’t all about what I can see, what desires I want, what agenda I am trying to push-it’s about a relationship with the Lord. He wants our hearts, our lives, and everything in between. I am currently doing the Fruits of the Spirit study (which has been amazing!!) by Beth Moore, a woman who I respect and think is so filled with the Holy Spirit -Brandon loves to make fun of me and my love for her,  and so refers to her as Jesus’ wife-when I’m not thoroughly annoyed at the comment, I do think it’s pretty funny! Anyway, she says, “Genuine faith walks steadfastly with God for the pleasure of His company, not for His results. Enoch exercised this kind of faith-based on God’s experience and His desire to be sought. God does not call upon us to seek His works. He calls upon us to seek His heart.” While I know this, it does me good to be reminded. It encourages me to seek the Lord with all my heart, and to have that be my focus, goal, and life’s purpose. It’s easy to get distracted, by little and big things, and the reminder was good.

3 thoughts on “The faithfulness of God

  1. I love you girl! You have awesome faith and you are living it out by being where you are and doing what you are doing. I have always seen the Lord’s love shining through you . Keep it up! I’m cheering you on!!! Love you!

  2. Hello Birthday Girl !!! I don’t see you as a Hippie, instead, I see you as a “hip” American Girl who is willing to try just about anything. Your adventure spirit is part of what took you and Brandon around the world, and also part of why God called you to serve him in Haiti.
    What some see as sacrifice, you see as challenge. What some see an an obstacle, you see as something to overcome. You are an amazing young lady and the folks in Haiti don’t realize how fortunate they are to have you and Brandon there to help them deal with their every day lives.
    It is so neat that you have Danielle there. What a blessing. God knows just what and who you need, and provides you with those necessary components to make your life in Haiti exciting and rewarding.
    As you celebrate your Birthday tomorrow, remember that Forever 21 is still trying to figure out what a Grandpa is doing sending pictures of ear rings to his grandaughter. (smile) Happy Birthday to one of the most delightful, loving, and precious people I have ever had the pleasure of being close to.
    YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST !!!, love ya, Grandpa

  3. Ya, it was pretty hilarious to get an email about Grandpa and his “wish list” at Forever 21! I loved all my earrings, thank you for being so thoughtful!!

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