Happy Birthday to me!!

I love birthdays. I just can’t help it. Growing up it was always made into a big deal, and it was so fun. We were woke up early in the morning by everyone crowding around your bed singing happy birthday to you. You got to decide what you wanted for breakfast, lunch and you even got to choose where you wanted to out to dinner. It was great. Something never change, and I still love birthdays. I try to keep my expectations low, since it seems not too many people share this great enthusiasm for them. But, my husband knows me well, and worked at having to make this one special. He was creative though, and the day began with him making me french toast. It was amazing. It was with that home made bread, and Brandon makes the best french toast already. It was delightful. We even busted out the frozen sausage we packed in.

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

Then, I got to open some presents!! Because Jae and Jesse were here just before my birthday, our sweet family dropped off goodies and even presents for my birthday!! I am so spoiled! I loved opening presents, what a pleasant surprise they had sent them-and wrapped them up all nicely too!!

A great book from my mom..
A beautiful vase and flowers from my mom in law. Aren't they gorgeous!!?? I love them!!
Dangly earrings from Grandma and Grandpa!! They wrapped them all individually, it was so fun to open, and such a delight to have new sparkly earrings!!
The cutest rain boots ever from my sister! They will SO come in handy!!
How hilarious is this?? My mom sent a dustpan-(I was using card board scraps) and she wrote a verse on it!! So great! And she send brownie mix, candy, and other fun goodies.
Mom stone also got me fun Valentines Day decorations.. oh how I flipped out when I saw them! Bran just sat there rolling his eyes, but it's the little things right?? She packed decorations, heart candies, a tablecloth.. SO fun!!
We drove out to La Baie for my birthday- to hang out with Curtis, Danielle, and other nwhcm staff that were there too.
That's the beach we went to! Lucky me!! I've never in my ____ years been able to lay out on the beach for my birthday, since it's always too cold. It was so fun! We even spent the night and gazed at the stars all night.

Thanks everyone for sending fun presents, writing sweet emails, and wishing me Happy Birthday. I had such a fun and special day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!!

  1. You are very deserving!!! Your loving husband, and family all appreciate your great personality, and love for your fellow mankind. God was probably looking over the balustreads of Heaven and smiling also. Enjoy, it’s so neat that you guys have Danielle and Curtis. ENJOY …. we LOVE you thisssssssssssssssssssss much!!!
    Grandma and Grandpa

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