Visiting some organizations with Jae and Jesse

It was so fun to take Jae and Jesse out to see who is receiving the food, where they live, and so they could meet some of the kids too. Jesse took some amazing photos, so I wanted to share some of them with you.

This first photo is from Open Arms, the first organization we began a nutrition program with. I have photos of the little girl holding the pink basket from a while back, and she looks much better now. Her hair used to be pretty red and hardly is anymore, and she doesn’t look as thin. We love that we are actually starting to see a difference in some of the children. It seems we have been noticing it for the last month or so.

I love these girls-especially the one in red and the girl holding the pink basket

Another stop was at Rose and Edriss’. I know you remember them, I blog about them all the time. They have become our Haitian family, and we love them dearly. They are the couple that were already helping out children in the community. They have taken in many children who have no homes, and turned old storage rooms and any empty spaces they can find to house them. They feed children, young and older, who don’t always get a consistent meal. And they know who needs it most, cause they have lived here their whole lives, and know the community well.  They are an amazing couple that shows the love of God in a most astonishing way. Just recently too, they took in a family of five. Their picture is below the large group shot (the fifth child was still in school) The mother was sick with aids, and asked “mama Rose” if she would take in her children when she died. As Rose told me this, her eyes filled with tears, and she said, “how could I not? If I don’t help these children, who will? The oldest daughter will get caught in prostitution trying to take care of her siblings. I cannot allow that to happen”  Tears rolled down my cheeks too, as I squeezed Rose. God has given her such a heart for her neighbors and those in need, and I feel so blessed to know her, and call them family.

Rose and Edriss are in the back, in pink and he has on a striped shirt
The sweet children left motherless two months ago. (the 5th child was still in school)
After much coercing, the little guy busted out that great, cheesy smile-and it made everyone else laugh so hard!!
Aren't those boys so cute? Especially the one in red???
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!! They wouldn't stop flashing signs, trying to be too cool, so I decided to teach them the sign for 'I love you'! 🙂
The like Bran and I and all-but they love when new people come to visit too! They loved Jae and Jesse

2 thoughts on “Visiting some organizations with Jae and Jesse

  1. So fun sister! I loved seeing all those pictures- especially you teaching the kids the oh-so-tough i-love-you-sign! Jesse takes great pics! I also loved Rose’s simple response, “How could I not?” So obedient.

  2. I love that you loved her response too. Tears filled my eyes when she said that, making me see how simple obedience can be-sometimes I make it too complicated!!

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