Jae and Jesse from OTB come and visit!

We love visitors. We love when people come and visit. We love it. It is so wonderful to have family, friends, people that we know and love back home come and see life here in Haiti. Jae and Jesse work for OTB stateside. Jae and Debra are the couple that started the whole thing back in South Africa. They had already been here, but since it was almost a year ago, things looked very different this time around. Last time they were here, there was nothing here, nothing had been started, it was all just dreams and ideas. Now, the OTB kitchen here is feeding about 850 kids, serving over 2,000 hot servings, six days a week. Jae and Jesse loved  meeting the Haitian staff, seeing and meeting the organizations and children we are feeding, and participating in what is going on here. Our Haitian staff just loved that we are all employees of OTB, and it was so fun when we took a huge team photo with everyone. They just loved it. Now, you can’t really tell that they loved it, since Haitians love to stop smiling when you pull out a camera, but we had so much fun.

The OTB team! We are missing some who are still stateside, but it was so fun to explain to them that Jae, Jesse and other people work for OTB, just like they do!
They couldn't help but laugh when Bran slumped down so he was the same height as the other guys
Our amazing Haitian staff. Madame Finance, Edril, Sonya,Lami, Daniel.
Smiling! I was joking so hard with them to make 'em smile-and they finally cracked!!
I love them.. they are so wonderful
The girls actually asked for a photo with "gwo boss" the big boss! They loved meeting him!

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