Valentines Day

Ya, ya ya. It’s a Hallmark Holiday, created to sucker guys into feeling guilty so they spend money on the women they love. I’ve never been a freak about it (at least I don’t believe that I have!) but I do enjoy a day where it’s the norm to be gushy, cheesy, and lovey dovey. It was even better too, cause sweet mom stone sent some fun Valentines items too: sparkly streamers, heart table cloth, heart candy dish and candies, cute plates and bowls.. it was so fun!! As a side note, I have to say it was fun teasing our Haitian friends about their Valentines. They asked if in the States, girls got boys anything, or if it was just the boys getting girls stuff. I said mostly boys have to woo their ladies this day, but girls can do something little and thoughtful too. They seemed to like the fact that they weren’t the only ones being suckered into all the nonsense! When I asked each one what they were doing/getting for their Valentine, they all said chocolate..all of them! Which cracks me up cause I can’t find chocolate ever in this country-and yet the past two weeks you can find chocolates in most market stalls!!

Brandon making me dinner.. yummy pasta with fish!!

I made his favorite cookies...

A romantic dinner by candlelight

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