A Roast.

The term roast can have many meanings. I liked using it when referring to “roasting” someone-poking fun at them. That is, until  I just looked up the word and a roast is much more harsh and severe than that, “to ridicule or criticize severely”. Yikes. So, none of that kind of roasting for me-just a little of a differnt kind, roasting some coffee beans. Brandon and I had never done it before, and it was pretty fun. Turns out it’s much easier than I thought, though I am told there are many different ways to do it. I guess we went with a more simple and traditional method, and it turned out pretty good. A guy visiting, Craig, bought the beans and showed us how to do it. I was pretty fascinated by the whole process, as was Brandon who is very much a purist addicted coffee lover! I will say, the coffee wasn’t as good as I had hoped.. it was pretty ‘earthly’ and ‘grassy’ made me feel like it was the true definition of organic. Hmmm. We won’t give up though, we could totally get into this!

The first few minutes of stirring on the stove...

After about ten minutes of incessant stirring, it turns a pretty yellow color...
Then the beautiful familiar brown...
Then you remove and cool immediately so it stops roasting. We made a medium to dark roast.
The whole kitchen smelled amazing.. aren't they so pretty!!?

2 thoughts on “A Roast.

  1. They were indeed from Haiti-that was what was so cool about that! We know there is some bean growing on here, it just seems hard to find. So, it was pretty cool that it was all local. 🙂

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