Good bye’s suck

We had to do this a year ago, and it wasn’t easy. It sucks to say good bye to family, to friends, to those you love and care about-and who love you back. For some reason, as I was packing up our place in Port de Paix, all those emotions struck me a fresh.I miss you guys! I was packing up photos, and found myself just having a little cry fest. When we left, some family and friends even made us photos and some even laminate them and put love notes, verses, and quotes on the back of them. I love to sit down and thumb through them, smiling and even crying when I think of the wonderful people we miss terribly. I stuck those photos to the wall, along with the verses hand written by them, and it makes me so happy to think of the amazing people we have in our lives..even though we don’t get to live by them right now. I also think my breakdown was coupled with the fact that we are now going to be leaving new friends we have made over the last year. God has been so good to us, in providing friends, community, and a even a few people we would consider to be our Haitian family. I can’t sit and write about how much I miss them without tearing up, so I need to stop. But, even though my heart is sad, it’s also very full. Because God blessed us with new friendships, and new people we have grown to love and cherish, we have people we’ll miss-and that I am so thankful for. I hope they will come and visit, and I am sure we’ll make our way back to Port de Paix someday…perhaps not soon cause I need some time to forget how bad the trip is!

One thought on “Good bye’s suck

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