We survived.

Brandon and I have been married for seven years, and have moved 9 times. I think it’s a sickness. Some moves were little-like the time we lived in an apartment in Carlsbad, and the one next door vacated. Most normal people would have preferred to not move, considering we had just moved in one month before, but we did. The new place was cheaper, newer, had a washer and dryer and bigger back yard. So, my ingenious husband literally removed the fence in between us and we walked all our stuff from one apartment to the next! The easiest move by far.

The most difficult move? Yesterday. As we were packing our things on an old beat Toyota, the realization came to me that we are moving across Haiti. We really are nuts. We had one truck that nwhcm was generously letting us use, but there was no way all our stuff would fit. I thought we could go Haitian and pile everything high and tie it together, but even that wasn’t going to work. We decided to pay a gross sum to rent a beat Toyota, so we could have two small trucks. It was way cheaper to do that, than to rent a large truck, plus we liked the idea of a caravan for safety. The plan was to leave Monday, but Brandon got a nasty case of “Haitian sensation” on Sunday, and we were out late with our OTB staff and friends the night before. I forced him to go to the party we had for our staff, and thankfully he felt much better once we got there. We had so much fun! It did take 2 hours after we ordered to get our food-a real “made to order” kind of place. You can almost hear the chickens screaming in the back a few minutes after you order.

The boys wanted a picture with just me. How cute is that?? Of course we're all cracking up cause I kept making them take pictures until they all smiled!! Amorik, Edril, me, Lami, and Daniel. (Yes, Lami is wearing a silky gold and copper outfit, he looked sharp.. and new it too !)
Maureen, Danielle and me. Sucks to say goodbye to them!!
My sweet girls- Madame Finance and Sonya. It was so hard to say goodbye
Curtis and Danielle even came down from La Baie to stay with us a few days before we left!
The boys-Grant, Curtis, Brandon. It took about 4 tries before they all looked in the same direction!

We decided to post pone the move to Tuesday.  I think one of the best parts about waiting was we got to see more friends before we left. In addition, Curtis and Danielle (our friends from La Baie) came down to visit. They came with a group on Sunday, and stayed with us for two whole days! It was so fun! Well, I don’t know about fun for them, but it was so nice to visit and hang out with them. They helped us pack, the boys played tetras trying to get everything perfectly fit in the truck, Danielle and I hung out, cleaned, organized and packed.

Thoughtfully planning it out payed off-we didn't loose anything on the long bumpy ride!! Good job guys!
Danielle and I getting in their way to take pictures.. 🙂
Curtis loves his headlamp just about as much as Brandon does. It's like of like an accessory for boys.. !
Edril helped too ...
It was so nice to have help!
There were some casualties.. sadly she whacked herself in the lip using duct tape ! She bled and everything!
The finished product. We are so thankful we had help! And the tarps were great cause there was SO much dust!
The second truck

We left Port de Paix at 6:30 am. By God’s grace we had four Haitian guys that we knew who came with us. One was Edril, who is our kitchen manager, but is also sweet friend. We had three more staff that we know and love, which made the ride not only more enjoyable, but we felt even safer knowing these guys would have our back if anything happened. Almost everyone got to sit inside the cab, a few guys had to switch off sitting in the back on top of our stuff, which was not very pleasant for them, and they got so dusty! It was nice to not worry about anyone grabbing our stuff as we drove by cause they were sitting right there. The road the first half of the trip was terrible, dirty and dusty with huge pot holes. The second half was paved, but still with huge potholes. It was a bit scarier when you start getting speed only to discover a hole at the last minute and he has to quickly tap the breaks or swerves to avoid it. yikes. Everyone made it, not one thing was lost, broken or stolen.

It was a beautiful drive though...
The new town we live in... Cap Haitian

The Stats:

~ 10 hour drive

~2 Toyota pick up trucks

~1 flat tire repair

~3 people squished in each cab

~3 poor guys sat on top

~1 dead donkey in the road that we killed for a second time

~1 encounter with police. Praying the entire time, they thankfully only asked a few questions, and our guys had all the right papers, so they let us on by.

~103 miles traveled-yes it did indeed take 10 hours to go just 103 miles! ! !

8 thoughts on “CAP HAITIAN ! ! !

  1. Showing my age, all I could think of as I read this tale of Adventure was … “Rawhide”, my favorite Western during the late 50’s and early 60’s. In fact, while I was Pastor of the Nazarene Church in Tucumcari, NM., the entire cast and crew came and stayed 6 weeks, filming just north of the town. Your trip sounds like a re-creation of one of Clint Eastwood’s adventures with Brandon playing the part of Clint. Thank God for your true friends in Haiti. Movement is a “sign of life”, and you and Brandon most certainly have shown “signs of life, in Haiti. What an experience, and what a beautiful area. Everyone here is praying for you, and are anxious to see more of the area, including your home, work place, and those with whom you will be working. Keep the Faith, God is your protector, and we are your faithful supporters in prayer.

  2. Oh Grandpa! You crack me up.. yes it does sometimes feel like we are in the wild wild west! The only difference being we have a car, not a covered wagon! ha! Thank you for your sweet encouraging words too. I will take pictures of the new place, I can’t wait for you guys to see it.. it’s so pretty ! 🙂

  3. This post cracked me up! We had fun staying with you guys (even though we didn’t get to our house in La Baie until 7 PM yesterday!!!!) It was worth it to get some extra time with you guys. I can’t believe you’re actually there, it’s so exciting but a little sad, for me. We’ll be in touch about plans to visit soon, love you so much, friend and I’m so thankful God has put us in each other’s lives.
    You’re the best!!!
    PS So thankful you made it safely

  4. So so happy you made it safe and sound and had all those wonderful people to help you before and during your trip. You are richly blessed.

  5. I can’t wait to come visit and roll in that GRASS!! The place is beautiful and I’m so glad to have an image of where you guys are now….definitely so different from Port de Paix. Miss you!

  6. Oh Danielle-spoken like a woman who has lived in Haiti for a while!! Yes, just today I sat in the grass, and kept pulling it through my fingers. As I was doing so, I was listening to a thick breeze through the trees…and had an amazing time finishing the fruits of the spirit study. 🙂

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